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BEST of Show, a Big L Brands, Inc. Company, is owned and operated by retailers and vendors just like you! We are committed to bringing the BEST products to the BEST retailers in a delivery method that saves the retailer time, travel and dollars. Think of us as your own personal trade show right on your laptop – with no cost or hassle of travel.


BEST of Show is the only online wholesale marketplace launched by a leader from within the industry - with three decades of both retail and wholesale experience.

BEST of Show is more than just an online marketplace for retailers to buy – we also have dynamic showrooms at the two largest gift wholesale trade shows in the United States.


Meet Molly, an entrepreneur who at the age of 14 got her first job at her local Hallmark GoldCrown store. At 28 she bought that store and renovated an abandoned JC Penny Department Store to create an amazing destination retail business. Her love of retail transitioned ten years later into wholesale when she launched one of the hottest gourmet brands; molly&you®. Fast forward to today…Molly combined her love of retail, her skills at wholesale, and her passion for the gift industry into doing something in a way it had never been done creating a branded showroom experience at the two largest trade shows in the United States.


BEST of Show Atlanta AmericasMart Bld 2-1201 BEST of Show Las Vegas Market Center Bld C-699

BEST of Show - Atlanta & Las Vegas!

Creating a showroom filled with vibrant products, shoppers buying directly from manufacturers with no middle person, and an environment where everyone supports one another rather than competing…has now become a 24/7/365 wholesale buying experience -

Shop fun brands, view products that will sell in your store {not just look good in an @Insta photo}, and see what products are the top ordered items so you can be on-trend from your laptop any time, any day – not just on tradeshow days! BEST OF SHOW SHOP 24/7/365!

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